Review of CarbNite and Carb Backloading – Part 1


Review of CarbNite Solution and Carb Backloading Part 1 – CarbNite for Powerlifting By:  Eric Stone, CSCS I have been using a variation or combination of CarbNite and Carb Backloading for the past three years.  I started with CarbNite, and eventually have transitioned to a hybrid of CNS and CBL as my regular “diet.” …

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The Stone’s Training Log – Deadlifts & Bench – 8/26-8/28


Training Log – Deadlifts & Bench – 8/26/15 & 8/28/15 My name is Eric Stone, and I have been competitively powerlifting for 15+ years. I started, and am the APF IL State Chairman.  I am co-owner of 2XL Powerlifting gym in Lombard, IL and have been running Team Stone, a competitive …

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A Visit to The Compound or Hanging with Donnie Thompson

^^Hanging with Donnie Thompson^^ Several months back we had the honor and phenomenal experience of having Donnie Thompson visit 2XL Powerlifting to perform two clinics on performance therapy. Day one was focused on full body athletic performance techniques, including diffusion using the ‘Ex Wives.’ Following a great weekend sharing ‘gym …

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A Visit to Monster Garage 4.0

^^MGG Partner Eric Maroscher Chalked Up for a Squat Having visited Monster Garage Gym (MGG) 3.0, I have to say that even while in the throes of unpacking at the new location it is a definite upgrade. If you consider the upgrade from Windows 7/8.1 to Windows 10, the upgrade …

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