is a dedicated to powerlifting in the Chicago-area.  This website aims to promote all powerlifting in the Chicago-area, and provide some useful information for the powerlifters of the Chicago-area.  If there is anything I can do for you to help in promoting Chicago powerlifting, or in providing any information about Chicago powerlifting, feel free to contact Eric & Ken Stone.

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- Looking for a new place to train?   Check out Team Stone site for details.  We train in Willowbrook, IL at the Right-Fit facility.

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Some articles about the sport of powerlifting

Some Interviews with the best people involved in Chicago Powerlifting

The powerlifting teams in Chicago-area

The powerlifting-friendly places to train in Chicago-area

Upcoming powerlifting meets in the Chicago-area and link to past meet results

Illinois Records
The powerlifting records of Illinois from the different federations

The powerlifting federations of the Chicago-area

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