Maris' Monthly Update

A monthly update from the APF/AAPF Illinois State Chairman Maris Sternberg


April 6, 2005:

Hello Illinois Lifters,
As this is my first monthly message, I'd like to introduce myself.  I am your Illinois State Chairman.  If you have any questions or need anything you may contact me directly at (773) 471-0117 or  I am a founding member of the APF/AAPF/WPC/AWPC, having worked with Ernie Frantz since 1980 and now Kieran Kidder.  I handle the records for the entire federation as well as Illinois.  I have 24 World Championships.  I can't really remember how many National Championships or how many records I hold.
We'll just catch up this month.  I am lucky enough to be able to travel to many meets all over so I will be telling you all of my adventures.  I'll also include any tidbits of info you suggest plus training tips, suggestions, etc.
In February I attended Scot Mendelson's BP Classic in Pasadena.  It's already in PLUSA so I won't bore you with details.  But I did get to meet the World's Strongest Man competitors.  WOW!
March was a busy month.  We had our IL State Meet on the 12th and 13th.  If you haven't heard, (Where have you been????) it was the biggest meet ever in Illinois.  Ernie Frantz and Amy Jackson did this one in fine style.  The mike broke early in the meet so I announced 2 days without a microphone.  Needless to say, everyone at home and at the gym was thrilled--I didn't talk for a week!
The very next week I attended the APF Junior Nationals and APF/AAPF Maine State meet in Lewiston, ME.  Meet director was Chris Wier, assisted by Russ Barlow.  They always run a nice meet.  Russ' gym is an enormous old warehouse and it makes for a great meet venue.  The meet was small but the lifters were very strong.  Look for the meet results in PLUSA.  I think many of you should consider going to this meet next year,  I don't have a place yet for it but I'll pass that along as soon as I receive it. The only qualification is you can't have won Senior Nationals.  Plus it's a World's qualifier and a WPO qualifier.
April 12th I'll be working the Illinois Special Olympics with Eric Stone at Palatine HS.  Tell you more later.
April 22-24 is AAPF Nationals and Bench Nationals.  The meet director is Russ Barlow.  You can get info and entry forms on  It will be an exciting weekend in Saco ME.  It's still not too late to enter.  Get in touch with Russ asap.  This is the only way you can be assured a spot on the World team for AWPC Worlds July-29-31 in Lincolnwood.
May 14-15 will be Master, Teen, Junior, Submaster Nationals in Austin, TX.  Texas State Chairman Gary Pendergrass will be the meet director.  His entry form is also on  There are a number of Illinois lifters already planning to go.
June 4-6 will be the premiere meet of the year; APF Senior Nationals in Detroit.
June 11- 12 will be AAPF Police and Fire Nationals open to anyone involved in law enforcement or fire.  This would include staff, paramedics, etc.  The entry is on the website.
July 9 is Eric Stone's Summer Bash in Willowbrook.
July 29-31 will be AWPC Worlds.  The venue is the same as last year: Lincolnwood at the Purple Hotel.  Yes that's what they call it!  Meet Directors are Amy Jackson and Kieran Kidder.
Illionois lifting is growing by leaps and bounds as you can see by the number of meets being held here and by the huge number of  entries.  Each meet fields stronger and stronger lifters.  Let me know if you would like to see any lifter or team featured or any issues you would like to address.
Until May, Stay Healthy and Stay Strong.  Yours in Power, Maris Anne Sternberg

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