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2XL Powerlifting

Description: Whether you are a novice or experienced, if you want to improve yourself and eXcel, this is the place to be!

Our powerlifting gym offers everything you need to meet and eXceed your goals. We provide open training hours, a competitive powerlifting team, and personal training.

We are open three main times per week for the three main lifts and assistance work: squat, bench, and deadlift. Additionally, we offer scheduled (and unscheduled) accessory training weekly. Chalk and powder are welcome!

2XL Powerlifting boasts all competition quality equipment including two adjustable benches, one standard bench, two deadlift platforms, two Elite monolifts, one Elite rack, free weights, stadium quality turf, cables, competition bars, sleds, legpress/hack squat, and more!

Located at 8 Yorktown Convenience Center, Lombard, Illinois 60148

For More Information or to schedule an appointment call 855-PWR-LIFT (855-797-5438) ext 0



Monster Garage Gym


Owned by: 2-Time WPC World Powerlifting Champion, Eric Maroscher, MONSTER GARAGE GYM is one of the premier powerlifting gyms in the U.S.

The M.G.G. is not a private club.  All serious powerlifters are welcome to join.

M.G.G. is outfitted with the best powerlifting equipment (including Elitefts monolifts, bench presses, squat racks, reverse hyper), a full complement of free weights, and dumbbells.  A Strongman/woman section (atlas stones, lifting logs, loading kegs, yoke, farmers’ walk, sleds, prowlers, 600LB tires, sandbags, etc.) Barbells including: Mastodon, Okie, Texas Power, Safety Squat, Rackable Cambered, Pasanella, Short, Cambered, Football and an assortment of other bars.


83 Ambrogio, Unit B

Gurnee, IL 60031


Phone: 847-542-LIFT (5438)


Jakked Hardcore Gym


Tired of the corporate-fitness boom yet? We are a small family owned “old-school gym” offering you a serious strength facility with NO binding contracts or costly hidden sign up fees! You pay only for your membership as you go!

At Jakked, we provide a haven for those who demand real results from their training. Whether you are a national-level strength athlete or an everyday person just trying to improve their lives, our environment, equipment, and people will help you to exceed your goals.

It’s time to get serious and leave the rest behind. Drop by Jakked Hardcore Gym today for your membership!

1450 S. East River Road, Unit D
Montgomery, IL 60538

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